5 DIY Apartment Balcony Garden Makeovers with Ceramic Planters

Not having your own piece of ground or yard doesn’t stop you from gardening. If you are living in a City apartment, you do not have to miss your small hobbies like growing real plants.

Gardening is definitely a refreshing activity and therapy.  It also gives makeover to your balcony if you plan it in a better way, especially when you don’t over dump it. Ceramic pots would be the best choice.

Tips for Beginners in Balcony Gardening -

  • You need to choose what kinds of plants you would like to put up. It majorly depends on these factors.
  • You need to understand the climate where you are living.
  • Plan the area and planters you want to allot.
  • Do not over crowd until you get a green thumb, start it slowly.
  • Direction of the balcony and its exposure to the sun.
  • Time you can spare and the water facility (Salt water and purified water may be apt for many plants)
  • Soil and compost availability. Last but not least a good nursery around.

Some people will garden with random purchases which may turn out to be over crowded and unorganized.

If you plan it nicely, it will turn out as a beautiful view or a nice sit out to relax.

If you are in a rented place, you may discuss with your landlord and get the place covered with false tiles or false garden carpet.

Select plants that would suit for your Balcony Garden?

Is your balcony garden?

  • ….All day sunny and hot in summer -- Deserted plants like cactus and succulents are the only option.
  • ….Mostly sunny, but with some shade -- Herbs,Veggies, few varieties of flowers do well.
  • ....A shady oasis -- It will be great to grow ferns, leafy plants and some flowers would grow well here.
  • ....Occasionally forgotten -- If you tend to forget watering plants then you may opt self watering pots or make it a routine.
  • ....Anabandoned wasteland -- It matches for more people with black thumb to keep on experimenting, and is low maintenance, so that's ok!

Select a Theme as per your taste and comfort

1. Kitchen garden

If you like cooking with fresh herbs, you will definitely indulge in growing the kitchen garden. Adding few extra pots with some flowers will add a pinch of color. Obviously it will give you organic and healthy produce. Tea cup planters with less height or oval shaped planters would be suitable for this garden.

2. Color Themed Garden

This kind of garden has to be well planned from the initial purchase. You should be able to replace the pots and maintain the design. So always keep it simple and should be frequently available to replace any damaged ones.

3. Butterfly Garden

Girls would love to grow flowery gardens. East facing balconies with mildly sunny and shady are better to grow flowery gardens. You can buy pots with nice colors, so that the garden looks more vibrant.

4. Sit Out Garden

If you are a good book reader or if you like open places with fresh air, then instead of just pulling a chair, you can put little efforts to make it as a nice sit out with simple designer planters and outdoor furniture. Then you are good to have a morning lazy coffee or an evening chit chat. You need to be careful and should not over crowd.

5. Bushy Garden (Patio Garden)

If you have a little extra space than just a balcony, you may set up a patio garden with many plants. You do not have to worry about design or pot selection. Big ceramic planters would be suitable for this garden.

Last but not least, set up a budget.

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