How to start a Balcony Garden – Get Green Thumb

We all love greenery and gardening. Living in cities or apartments can keep you away from the greenery.

If you have a good sunshine view and an extra balcony, then you are good to start your gardening. You may grow organic leafy vegetables or place beautiful flower planters to makeover.

When you are trying for the first time, do not over do it. Start slowly with a nice plan and a good pot soil.  This makes your job easy. 

3 things to plan:

1. Decide how much space you can allot.

2. Time and investment you can spend.

3. Buy nice planters and other

It would be refreshing to watch over a small seed becoming a plant having morning coffee.

What all can you grow in a balcony Garden:

1. Flowering plants:  If you want to add color to your garden, then buy medium size pots and arrange in order. Girls would love a grow up this kind of garden. 

What you can grow is:

1. Marigold

2. Lillies

3. Roses

4. Orchids

5. Madhumalti Dwarf, Rangoon Creeper - Plant

6. Portulaca, 9 O Clock 

7. Camomile

Which pot to choose - 

Containers recommended are medium size and deep pots. 


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2.  Less maintenance Plants: If you do not have more space, you may just begin with 1 plant. Small and medium size pots will be suitable for this. 

What you can grow is:

1. Aloe era

2. Deserted plants

3. Succulents

Which pot to choose- Any pot size would be apt for succulents, it will grow depending upon the pot space. 


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3. Herbs Garden:

If you just love fresh organic herbs, you may begin with this theme. The following herbs are easy to grow from seads and stems left over.

You may plant few coriander seeds or fenugreek seeds or pluck few mint left over stems to grow a plant. And you will have fresh greens handy.

1. Coriander

2. Basil

3. Mint

4. Curry leaves

5. Wheat grass

6. Fenugreek

Which pot to choose-  Tea cup planters and medium multi shaped planters would be most suitable. You may experiment with colors and shapes.


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